DC Comics Introduces Transgender Character in Batgirl

In the latest issue of Batgirl, character Alysia Yeoh reveals that she's transgender.

Over the past few years, L and G comic-book superheroes have been dropping from the sky like astroids: Batwoman, it turns out, is a lesbian, Green Lantern came out of the closet last year and next month will mark the one-year anniversary of Northstar and his longtime partner Kyle’s engagement. This week, however, DC comics announced it will add B and T to the LGBT acronym with the announcement that Batgirl’s roommate, Alysia Yeoh, is both transgender and bisexual.

In the just-released Batgirl #19, Alysia and Batgirl alter ego Barbara Gordon share a tearful exchange, where Alysia tells her roomie flat out that she’s trans. What happens next is a little weird: Barbara tells Alysia to call her Babs, because, “The people I love call me Babs,” and the two share an embrace. That’s sweet and all, but then Babs’ phone rings and she’s all, “I”ve been expecting this … I have to … ” That just leaves poor Alysia, with tears running down her face, saying, “I get it. Go. Go.” Bless her heart. Let’s hope Batgirl was getting a call to go beat down some transphobic asshole, because that’s just plain rude.

Check out wired.com for a full story surrounding the announcement, which includes insight from Batgirl writer Gail Simone.

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