Chink’s Steaks Fans Defending Racist Old Name Till The End

Earlier today, we learned that Chink’s Steaks was changing its name to the dull and ostensibly inoffensive “Joe’s.” Well, maybe not so inoffensive. In the past few hours, the name change has garnered nearly as much controversy as the original. Here’s a sampling of the outcry, from Chink’s/Joe’s Facebook page.


Nick Campbell joe’s is weak man. hate to say it.


Mike Nicklebackski You should change your name to Throw Up On Bread Cheesesteaks.


Bill Wilkinson The world as we know it is ending. I will NEVER patronize “Joe’s Steaks”. The place has been called Chink’s since 1949, 10 years before I was born and now it is changing due to “political correctness”???? I hope they go out of business.

There are also 169 “likes” but those were probably just the hoity-toity civil rights people who just don’t get the tradition of the Chink’s name.