Philly’s First Performing Arts Charter High School Will Be Housed in Former Glaxo Building

As more than two dozen traditional public schools are slated to close this year, at least one spiffy new charter school is poised to open is Center City, at the location of the former GlaxoSmithKline headquarters, on 16th and Vine.

Under terms that will be announced Thursday, a nonprofit associated with the [K-8] Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School [DeMedici Corporation II] has agreed to buy the curving, eight-story building for $29 million for the String Theory High School for the Arts and Sciences. It will be the first charter high school in the city focused on the performing arts.

String Theory School, whose name may be a little ambitious, will also focus on science and technology, which is good, because shiny new schools can’t be all fun and games. Or maybe they can can.

Students will have opportunities to choose from seven areas of study: vocal music; instrumental music; ballet; theater, television, and broadcast arts; foreign languages; digital design and communication arts; and innovations in science and technology.

Deadline for 9th grade applicants in April 30th. Lottery the next day. [Inquirer]