Found in Adam Lanza’s Home: Over 1,700 Rounds of Ammunition

In the days after the Newtown massacre in Connecticut, investigators found an astonishing trove of gun-related paraphernalia in shooter Adam Lanza’s home. A very small sampling of the findings:

  • 1700 rounds of ammunition
  • 15 knives and/or Samurai swords
  • 2 rifles, a revolver and one BB gun
  • NRA certificates for Lanza and his mother Nancy;
  • Book: NRA guide to basic pistol shooting
  • Book: How to Train Your Brain to Be Happy
  • Receipt for gun range in Oklahoma
  • Playstation II and Xbox 360
  • Holiday card from Nancy Lanza to Adam, including check to purchase a gun
  • New York Times article on 2008 Northern Illinois University shooting

The full list, which became available when search warrants were unsealed today, reveals the monomaniacal fixation Lanza had on weaponry. It also documents his close relationship to Sandy Hook Elementary School, which had not been previously reported.

According to the unsealed documents, a witness told authorities that Lanza was a “shut in” and “avid gamer” who played “Call of Duty” and that the school where the killings took place was his “life.” That description doesn’t mesh with published reports indicating that Lanza bounced in and out of Newtown schools.

The NRA, for its part, denies any connection to the Lanzas, despite the apparent evidence of certificates in their name. [Washington Post]