Traffic Court Judge Candidates Can’t Keep Their Own Affairs In Order

At AxisPhilly, columnist Tom Ferrick checks in on the crew of candidates for Traffic Court judgeships, and finds many of them haven’t fulfilled their regular obligations to society. Take, for example, candidate Warren Bloom, who will lead the list of Democratic candidates in the election—and thus will likely win. According to Ferrick, Bloom “is a tax deadbeat.  He still owes the city close to $20,000 in back business and real estate taxes, though he says he has made arrangements to pay them off. Then there is the matter of his 1992 conviction of indecent assault and corrupting a minor in a case involving a 14-year-old female cousin.  Bloom pleaded no contest and got probation.  He was 39 years old at the time.” And there are a number of other examples! Read the whole thing, and despair—as you no doubt already regularly do—for functioning democratic governance in Philadelphia.