Philly Catholics Go To D.C. To March Against Gay Marriage

Members of the Philadelphia Archdiocese loaded up five buses this morning, heading to the U.S. Supreme Court to protest gay marriage—the topic of case hearings today and tomorrow. CBS Philly talked to some of the marchers, who were lovely, open-minded people.

One of those on the bus out of Center City was Paul Sank from Maple Shade, New Jersey, who says regarding gay rights, he feels a small minority is pressing its agenda on the rest of the nation.

“Homosexuals – lesbians and gays, the LG part – make up maybe two maybe, three percent of the population and they have a vastly disproportionate amount of wealth and power. Something stinks about this deal.”

Of course! Minority groups aren’t allowed any rights in this country unless we want them to, right? It’s a good thing that Philadelphia Catholics don’t have any history of suffering the scorn, discrimination, and abuse of the majority population, right? Because if they had, that would just stink.

To be fair, the marchers also included one Megan Ference, who told CBS: “For my brothers and sisters who are struggling with same-sex attraction. As a Catholic, I believe there are certain ways that God asks us to live. Not because he wants to impose these ridiculous rules on us, but because he knows that this is the best way, and he wants us to be happy.” That’s a nicer way of expressing one’s opposition to gay marriage. But if you’ve waited a lifetime to have your relationship recognized by the state, it’s possible that all opposition looks like opposition, nice or not.