Baby Left at SEPTA Station as Mother Tries to Avoid Fare

The Philly Daily News reports about a Philadelphia grandmother and mother who left a baby behind as they tried to navigate SEPTA cheaply on Monday. The duo were illegally sharing a one-day convenience pass, which allows a single SEPTA rider to take eight rides in a single day. The two got so caught up in their arrangements—the grandmother got the ticket punched at 60th Street station; her daughter was supposed to do the same at 56th, to avoid suspicion—that they left the under-1-year-old baby behind in a stroller near the ticket booth at 60th Street. A cashier took the baby inside the booth to keep her warm, officials said.

When the women realized they’d left the baby behind, they reported to SEPTA police, and went back to the 60th Street and were reunited with the youngster. The women will face no charges in the incident. “We normally would have cited the people who were involved in the fare evasion,” an official told the Daily News, “but given the traumatic experience they had gone through and because they were so visibly upset, we did not cite them in this case.”