Councilwoman Owes Back Taxes On Property

More bad news for Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. City Paper reports:

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown has had a rough few years. In the midst of a divorce, she was fined by the Ethics Board and tied to a scandal that resulted in her former campaign manager pleading guilty to wire fraud. Reynolds Brown has also stated that she has had financial troubles. It would seem that those problems have spilled over to her former home at 601 N. 33rd St. It is now a rental property that she previously claimed as a source of income on financial-disclosure forms — and it is also tax delinquent.

Her husband, Howard Brown, technically owns the row house in the city’s Mantua section, but Reynolds Brown’s name appears on the current rental license. The property is in arrears to the tune of $4,223 and the city has placed two liens on the house for nonpayment.

Reynolds Brown denied knowing about the debt to City Paper, but said that she wants the property returned to her when the divorce is final.