Bradley Cooper Is Wearing Curlers For His Latest Role

The New York Daily News gets straight to the point:

Bradley Cooper looked perfectly permed on the set of his new flick, the untitled David O. Russell/Abscam project.

The 38-year-old hunk sported a head full of pink rollers walking around on set.

Cooper previously told E! News in January that he permed his hair for a screen test of the character he’s going to portray.

“I permed my hair today,”he said at the BAFTA Tea reception. “We did a camera test today and we were playing with the idea of him having curly hair.”

The paper has pictures of Philly homeboy Cooper in his curlers. Lucky for us, we have an on-set picture of Cooper, in-character after the curlers were removed:

Sorry. Wrong photo. We meant this:

Nope. STILL the wrong photo.Trying again:

Clearly: Still the sexiest man alive, no matter what People Magazine says these days.