Photos: Nutter Bails Mid-Speech After Being Drowned Out by Clowns, Rats, and Unions

Michael Nutter was literally screaming his budget address today in City Hall, trying to drown out the whistles, boos, and chants emanating from a spectator gallery filled with raucous union workers. Simultaneously protesting Nutter’s opposition to a paid sick leave bill, and the ongoing public sector dispute over contracts (or lack thereof) they eventually forced Nutter to capitulate, and give up his speech, around 12:30 p.m.

The sick leave bill passed 11-6, one vote short of the veto-proof majority it needs to withstand Nutter’s opposition. More on what was actually in the budget here. WHYY reports that around 1:20, the mayor plans on continuing his address “in a different room on a different floor.”

[Photo: Gerry Senker]