Wall Street Journal Profiles Warby Parker: “Next Big Thing?”

The Wall Street Journal profiles Wharton-spawned eye glass purveyor Warby Parker, wondering if they’re the “next big thing” in tech. The eye-glass company, for those of you who are perfectly happy with your eyesight, sends you five designer-ish looking specs-in-a-box for about $95 bucks. Then you get to send four back, and keep the ones you like. They claim you’re getting Oliver Peoples quality for LensCrafters prices, because they’re cutting out the retailers. WSJ seems into it, judging by the below video.


A brief comment: I’ve never ordered Warby Parker’s specs-in-a-box, but did visit a boutique in Old City to try some on. Sorry, gents, but I sampled more than five, and they all indeed felt like they were worth about $95. Which is not a compliment. Could make for a great gift though; all you gotta do is tweak the words of the popular song below, and you’ve got a viral marketing campaign on your hands. Sing it with me: Christmas: Specs in a Box. Hannukah: Specs in a Box. Kwanzaa: Specs in a Box. Every Single Holiday Specs in a Box!