The Most Expensive Rental Condo in Rittenhouse Square

Always wanted to be #1 but were never good enough at sports or spelling to get an award? Then the real estate status game might be for you! Check out the most expensive two-bed rental condo on the square, at 1900 Rittenhouse: 2 bedrooms; 2,716 square feet; $6,000. But what’s the point if you can’t see the lush photos? Head over to Property to check ’em out. By the way, here’s Liz Spikol’s advice on whether to buy or rent, if you’re interested.

Assuming some standard variables (excellent credit, 30-year mortgage, 5 percent interest rate, etc.) and that you’re planning to stay in the residence beyond two years, you’d be better off buying in the building. If you’re only planning to stay a year or two, though, renting is the better option financially.