Philadelphia Brothers Sue Budweiser For Watered-Down Beer

Serves them right for not drinking Yuengling, Yards, 0r any other local beer. Gawker reports that two Philly brothers are suing Budweiser for watering down its beer: “Thomas and Gerald Greenberg of Philadelphia say they buy four cases of Budweiser a month, Nina Giampoli of California bought at least a six-pack of Bud each week for the past four years, and Brian Wilson of New Jersey purchases, on average, a case of Michelob Ultra each month. All plaintiffs accuse Anheuser-Busch of keeping “the alcohol level for each batch of malt beverage at specifications above the desired final product at least initially then adds water and CO2 to the final stage of the brewing process,” a process that lowers the overall alcohol content by three to eight percent.” Honestly, we thought Budweiser was supposed to taste watered-down, but the company denies the allegation. (That it’s watered-down, not that it makes beer. Hey-ooooh!)