WATCH 3D Printed Heart Will Replace Organs Damaged By 3D Printed Guns

The New Scientist reports we can now make working hearts using one of those newfangled 3D printers. Watch one in action:

The magazine says: “A 3D printer created the rigid components of the system as well as the moulds for the flexible silicone parts. This allowed the pieces to be fabricated easily, using liquid resin cured by ultraviolet light. In the future, the robotic pulsing could be used in art and design. “It could serve as an artificial heartbeat for a cyborg-like machine,” write the team.”

Presumably those “cyborg-like machines” will be ruthless killing machines that we fight futilely with our 3D printed guns, leaving us all to cower under the bootheels of our new robot overlords while Arnold Schwarzenegger laughs and collects royalties somewhere. Luckily: Not all the details have been worked out yet on making the heart work in an actual living being, meaning we still have time to stock our shelters.