Support for Gay Marriage On the Rise in Pennsylvania

New polls show voters are leaning more and more toward marriage equality in the Keystone State.

It’s hard being gay in Pennsylvania — especially when every state surrounding us has either passed same-sex marriage legislation or is high on this year’s list of Marriage Equality Battleground States. Our day has to be on the horizon, right? You better believe it.

Think Progress just released findings from two polls that show voter support for gay marriage is on the rise in Pennsylvania. Here’s what they had to say:

new poll from Franklin & Marshall College has found that a majority of Pennsylvania voters — 52 percent — support allowing same-sex couples to legally marry, while only 41 percent oppose it. A Quinnipiac poll just two weeks ago found similar favorability for marriage equality, but by a much closer 47-43 split.

A similar Franklin & Marshall College poll in 2006 showed only 33 percent of Pennsylvanians supported same-sex marriage, so there’s definitely a promising wave of momentum headed in our direction. Think Progress suggests we have our neighbors to thank for that: “Support will likely continue to increase in the Keystone state not only because of national trends, but because of the neighboring influence of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, which all have either marriage equality or civil unions that could become marriage equality quite soon.” Never has it been more important to keep up with those Joneses, huh?

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