Monday Kickstarter: The Goddess Isis Celebrates Two Years of Sinful Sundays

Plus: Canada elects its first openly gay premier, an NBA star introduces the world to his two moms and more!

But only if you're absolutely, completely and totally not gay.


  • A Maryland Boy Scout troop posted a non-discrimination policy on their website, saying they “will not discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion, national origin, ability or sexual orientation.” They quickly had to take it down, though, when the national board threatened to kick them out of the organization. —Mother Jones
  • After repeatedly being denied access into the Fort Bragg Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses, same-sex army wife Ashley Broadway has finally been granted full-membership. She was also named Fort Bragg Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse Magazine. —NBC News
  • A gay Baptist preacher was arrested after trying to marry his partner in Kentucky. —HuffPo Gay Voices
  • Virginia’s Senate approved a bill that bans anti-gay discrimination against gay employees. —Gay Star News
  • Congress welcomes six openly gay and lesbian politicians. —Gay Star News
  • President Obama records a message for attendees of the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. —YouTube
  • Jacob Rudolph, the teen who came out in front of his entire school, was interviewed this weekend on MSNBC. —Greg in Hollywood


  • France appoints a pro-gay politician Jack Lang as head of its Arab World Institute, the org that “promotes dialogue between France and Arab nations. —Gay Star News
  • Australian pro-football player Brock McLean denounces homophobia, saying fans who shout gay slurs should be banned from seeing games and anti-gay players should be slapped with fines. —Gay Star News
  • Kathleen Wynne is appointed Ontario’s next premier, making her not only the first woman to hold the position but the first openly gay person. —Huff Po Gay Voices
  • Russia (aka the Texas of Europe) voted for a national ban on “homosexual propaganda” toward minors. —Queerty
  • Britain publishes a bill to legalize gay marriage. A vote is expected in early February. —Queerty
  • Hundreds of thousands rally in support of same-sex marriage in cities across France. —Gay Star News


  • Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried releases a video with his two moms in support of civil unions, a bill that is currently on the table in Colorado. —Out Sports
  • Joanna Lumley says there absolutely will be an Ab Fab movie. —Vogue UK
  • Maroon 5’s Adam Levine went gay for Saturday Night Live. —Hulu
  • In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ke$ha praised Obama’s mention of the gay community in his inauguration speech. —On Top Magazine
  • Babs will receive 40th Annual Chaplain Award, mainly for her work in Yentl. —Out
  • The cast of Glee released a video to promote next week’s “Naked” episode. —Tvline
  • Katy Perry does drag on Ellen’s 55th birthday show. —Us Weekly
  • Shirley Temple’s on Twitter! —Buzzfeed
  • Lady Gaga has confirmed that she will release a jazz album in collaboration with Tony Bennett. —Gay Star News
  • Louis Virtel makes his case for why you should side with Mimi in the feud between Idolers Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. —AfterElton


  • On Sunday, local drag queen The Goddess Isis celebrated her second anniversary hosting Sinful Sundays at Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar. Special guests included Miss Lisa Lisa Thompson, Ann Artist, Brooklyn Ford and The Lady Poison. Unfortunately, the Goddess had an eye infection and had to perform her anno show with an eye patch on, but by all accounts on her Facebook page, the evening was a huge success. Congrats, hunty!

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