Bolaris-Scamming Mob Kingpin Gets 3 Years

The Russian mobster who started this all, who masterminded the plot that sent freelance weather tweeter John Bolaris on his fateful, fascinating spiral to ignominy and unemployment, has been sentenced today to three years in prison. The details of this saga deserve a brief rehash from

[Alec] Simchuk brought attractive Eastern European “bar girls” to South Beach to scam men at clubs. The fraud cost well-known local ex-weatherman Bolaris $43,000. Bolaris and others were swindled by the “B girls” in spring 2010. The women plied men with booze and scammed them by charging massive sums on their credit cards.

If Bolaris is still looking for something to do in three years, when Simchuk gets out, maybe they could do a joint Dr. Phil appearance, where Bolaris is already a fan favorite. []