SEPTA Says It’s Got A Funding Crisis on its Hands

Because the state government has not released a new budget (and doesn’t appear likely to up SEPTA’s funding from last year), SEPTA declared in a public meeting that its “capital program continues to be in a funding crisis.”

SEPTA already has a $4.7 billion backlog of state of good repair and essential safety improvement projects. Without increased capital funding, that backlog will grow and SEPTA will not be able to keep all of the system safe and running.

For example:

The existing financial obligations include debts on the Silverliner V rail cars, Wayne Junction Station improvements, Market-Frankford Line subway cars and the 1234 Market Street building.

And they’ll also have to defer necessary projects like:

  • Crum Creek Viaduct Replacement, Media-Elwyn Line
  • Bridgeport Viaduct Rehabilitation, Norristown High Speed Line
  • Bridge 0.15 Replacement, Norristown High Speed Line
  • Bridge 0.35 Rehabilitation, Chestnut Hill West Line
  • Viaduct Rehabilitation at three locations, Media-Elwyn Line

Got any other complaints SEPTA probably can’t afford to address? “The public may submit written comments for consideration during the FY 2014 capital budget development until Feb. 14, 2013.” Mail ’em or email ’em to [Plan Philly]