Still Waiting on the “Gus Bus”

When will our long national local nightmare of Eagles coachlessness end? Not soon enough, apparently. Despite some teases earlier in the day, Seattle Seahawks coordinator Gus Bradley still hasn’t been announced as the next leader for the local NFL franchise. Our colleagues at Birds 24/7 report:

There have been reports flying around suggesting that it is a done deal between Bradley and the Eagles, but several sources have shot down that notion. One league source said that agents of other potential candidates have not been told that the race is over, and at least one still believes there is open competition.

The team had no other second interviews scheduled as of early Tuesday.

Bradley is very much on it. It might not be a stretch to call him the front-runner, but he’s not at the finish line quite yet.

The postseason is two weeks old, and it already feels longer than the season ever did. [Birds 24/7]