Broad Street Run Bibs Almost Sold Out

The stampede to claim charity bibs for this May’s Broad Street Run may prove more intense than the race itself. You’ll recall that for the first time this year, Broad Street entrants will be selected by lottery. Which means that if you want a guaranteed spot, you have to pony up to a charity. And those spots are running out fast.

Heather McDanel and Kristin Daly-Barnes at Students Run Philly Style reported that of the 250 bibs they had to dole out, only 80 remain. The American Cancer Society, which began with 750 bibs, has 173 left. And at Back On My Feet, only 15 bibs remain of the group’s 250. Runners who decide to sign up with a charity must commit to raising at least $500.

Meanwhile, the rest of you heartless cheapskates will have to wait until February to register–specific dates TBD. [Be Well Philly]