Bolaris Fraudsters Found…Guilty!

To us, he was a fallen hero. To them, he was “Victim 88.” John Bolaris, who celebrated the news by emailing “Bad Guys Go Away!!”, is one step closer to vindication today. The men behind the women who purportedly drugged and defrauded Bolaris two years ago, have been convicted of conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering. Just to recap: Bolaris went to South Florida, said he got seduced and drugged by two “very cutesy” girls, ended up with a painting of a woman’s head, didn’t remember anything the next morning, met up with the same girls the next night (which is why it’s hard to feel too bad for him), said he got drugged again, and by the end of the weekend was out $43,000. The story reporting the trial’s outcome is remarkable in its own right; it’s not every day the phrase “allegedly slipped him a mickey” appears on that fine website. []