Vince Fumo’s Daughter Wants Her Money Back

The 23-year-old is suing her jailed dad for control of a $2 million trust. Plus: The city wants tax deadbeats to pay less, Pat Toomey wants to give homeless vets your underwear, and more of what the city is steaming about this morning.

Vince Fumo’s Daughter Wants Her Money Back. Allison Fumo, 23, is suing her ex-state Senator dad, who’s currently jailed on numerous counts of fraud and tax violations, over control of a $2 million trust that now appears to be pretty much empty. [Inquirer]

A School’s Nefarious Plan to Increase Tater Tot Sales Backfires. Marley’s Mellow Mood,” a “relaxation drink” that “may cause drowsiness” and/or “rampant munchies” has been banned from a New Jersey middle school cafeteria after making students sick and/or giggly. [Daily Record]

City Hopes to Entice Tax Deadbeats With Penalty Sale. Saying the interest and penalty rates the city charges on back taxes are “far higher than the norm,” the Nutter administration is asking City Council to cut the interest rate by half and the penalty by two-thirds to try to extract hundreds of millions of dollars from nonpayers. [CBS Philly]

In Lawmaker’s Fantasy Election League, Romney Got 8 Electoral Votes in Pa. Republican state Senate Majority leader Dominic Pileggi wants to change the state’s “winner take all” system for presidential electoral votes so it doesn’t look quite as bad when his side loses. [CBS Philly]

Pat Toomey Wants to Play Robin Hood With Your Luggage. The Republican senator is sponsoring a bill to allow the TSA to hand over unclaimed clothing to homeless veterans. [NewsWorks]

Former Penn Fraternity to Pay $3 Million in Wrongful Death Settlement. Phi Kappa Sigma, whose charter was revoked after 20-year-old Matthew Crozier died from injuries sustained in falling 30 feet from the second floor of its frat house on New Year’s Eve 2010, has agreed to settle to avoid a trial. The family has also reached a $375,000 settlement with a beer distributor who sold Crozier alcohol and an agreement with the university itself whose terms were undisclosed. [Inquirer]