Hit the Hay, Brokeback Mountain Style

Bedding for your inner cowpoke?

Vice Merchants recently added a new design to its bedding line – and they’re calling it “Cowpokes.” It’s actually the first line of bedding geared specifically towards gay men. It’s made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton (sweet), has a 400 thread count (nice), and a fine Sateen fabric (we can live with that). But get this – the designs are centered around ranch scenes with cowboys getting a little, well, raunchy.

While we can see this playing out beautifully at the old Ranch in P-Town, it may be one of those home goods you keep for guests with a sense of humor. The line’s illustrated by K. Commodore, an award-winning artist, but the cows, horses and tractors make us giggle a bit when set to this Brokeback vibe.

And did we mention they’re mostly naked?