Is the Andrew Bynum Era Already Over? Maybe Not.

He’s never played a minute for the Sixers—and with achy knees and an expiring contract, it’s now starting to appear that center Andrew Bynum might never take the court for the home team after last summer’s trade. Andrew Unterberger says it’s too soon to give up—this version of the Sixers can be really, really good, but only if it has the services of a healthy Bynum. “This team needs Andrew Bynum, or someone like him, to be great—and for better or worse, there aren’t too many players like Andrew Bynum out there for the taking in the NBA,” Unterberger writes. “So the team might have to take a chance. Hell, it might have to take a really, really big chance.” If Bynum’s knees really are shot, though, all bets are off. [The 700 Level]