Pennsylvania’s Lottery Actually Works. Which Is Why It Must Be Privatized.

A British firm has told Gov. Tom Corbett that it can guarantee $34 million in profits over the next 20 years if the state privatizes the Pennsylvania Lottery. That would double the lottery’s profits, but by all accounts it’s doing pretty well already. The Patriot-News reports: “The Pennsylvania Lottery is one of the nation’s top-performing lotteries, which is among the reasons Democratic lawmakers and union officials have questioned privatizing its management. Last year, it posted a record $3.2 billion in ticket sales, producing a profit of nearly $961 million for programs for senior citizens. Its administrative costs, around 2 percent of ticket sales, are among the lowest of U.S. lotteries.” Democrats oppose the privatization. Corbett has until Dec. 31 to consider the private-management bid from Camelot Global Services. [Philly Weekly]