Jill Kelley Was “Always at the Palm” in Philly

Plus: Chris Christie talks about (gasp!) raising taxes to pay for Sandy damage, Paul Ryan blames Philly for losing, and more of what the city's talking about this morning.

Jill Kelley Liked the Palm in Philly. Also, Changed Her Mind Too Late. At some point between asking an FBI friend to look into “cyberstalking” emails she was receiving, and the head of the CIA resigning, Kelley, the catalyst for the FBI investigation into the Petraeus affair, regretted starting the whole thing. [Daily Beast] Meanwhile, the Daily News tracked down locals who knew Kelley when she lived in Philadelphia, including someone who says of Kelley and her sister, “They were always at the Palm, they knew the maitre d’s’ names at the Palm.” No word on whether their faces are on the walls. [DN] In Mount Laurel, Kelley’s brother is not enjoying the media attention he’s getting over his sister’s involvement in the scandal. [PhillyBurbs.com]

Chris Christie Talks About Raising Taxes in Jersey. Hurricanes can really change a man. (Sounds like a Springsteen song, no?) [New York Times]

The New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra Are Battling for China. In a manner befitting classical music, surely. (Philly was there first, nya nya.) [New York Times]

Paul Ryan Is Blaming Philly for Losing. And other “urban areas.”

“What Paul Ryan misses is that the Republicans have been losing the urban vote for a long, long time,” said Marc Morial, the president and chief executive of the National Urban League. “Now they are losing the suburban vote, too. They are becoming more urban in their character, in their makeup, in the problems.”

[New York Times]

It’s Tough to Rent a Car in Philly Right Now. Drivers with cars damaged in Hurricane Sandy have cleaned out most of the major auto rental companies around the city. [Inquirer]