The Glorious Andrew Bynum Era? Still Not Starting.

Hey, remember last summer when the Sixers traded for Andrew Bynum and everyone was super-excited about getting one of the best centers in the NBA, even if he did have a history of injury problems that had kept him from playing for the Lakers during big chunks his career with them? We ask, because if you’re still waiting for Bynum’s promise to come to fruition with the Sixers…you’re going to have to wait more. Team doctors now say that a bruise in Bynum’s right knee will probably keep the big man out of a game until January. For no reason, we’ll also mention that Andre Iguodala—whom everybody was sooooo happy to see run out of town—is averaging 15 points, seven boards, and four assists for the Denver Nuggets. Which is 15 points, seven boards, and four assists better than what Bynum is averaging so far. [Associated Press]