Elections Unleash Sam Katz’s Inner Hulk

If you think you’re utterly wiped by the end of campaign season, have you ever stopped to consider how it makes candidates feel?

Since the answer to that question is “No, not once, even for a second,” we’ll let Sam Katz tell you:

Katz ran three times for mayor of Philadelphia and once for governor of Pennsylvania. He says his 2003 campaign took a huge emotional toll on him. He recalls a night when hecklers drowned out his speech during a rally. He says after weeks of being heckled at campaign events, and seeing the same group of hecklers intimidate his wife and children, he snapped.

“I was out of control furious, I had to be dragged into the car, cause I wanted a piece of everybody, I was so angry, I don’t think I realized how beat up I was in that process, until it was over.”

Sam Katz. Businessman, politician. Searching for a way to tap into the secret vote that all Philadelphians over the age of 18 have. Then an accidental overdose of oppositional radiation interacts with his unique body chemistry … [NewsWorks]