Man Disputes Charges in Philly Wedding Brawl

Plus: A brawl at a Philly high school forces a lockdown, the Turnpike chief resigns, Romney supporter arrested at playoff game, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Turnpike Chief Resigns. As everyone argues over whether or not the turnpike is crumbling beneath a mountain of debt, its chief executive is stepping down, citing fatigue and stress. [Inquirer]

Man Disputes Wedding Brawl Charges. Mark Sofka, the man who was nightsticked, Tasered and arrested during the wedding brawl last weekend, says that he didn’t even show up to the hotel until the melee had already started. His father is a retired police officer and he says he has the highest respect for law enforcement officers. [Inquirer]

Cops Seize Five Kilos of Heroin. Cops raided a Mayfair house and came up with five kilos of heroin with a street value of $1.5 million. [Daily News]

Jersey Teacher Resigns Over Facebook Comments. A 51-year-old, tenured, special education teacher in Jersey has reportedly resigned in the wake of anti-gay comments she posted to her personal Facebook page. She was suspended for the comments and now she wants to take her pension and go home. []

Brawl at Abraham Lincoln High School. Officials had to lock down Abraham Lincoln High School in Mayfair on Tuesday afternoon as cops broke up a brawl in the hallway. Seven students were taken into custody and six of those students were arrested. Rumor has it that the fight started when one boy hit another boy’s younger sister. [Daily News]

Romney Supporter Arrested at Playoff Game. A man ran onto the field during the Giants/Reds NLDS game last night, holding up a Romney-Ryan sign. He was arrested.

Helicopter Crash in the Poconos. Two people died in a helicopter crash in the Poconos on Tuesday night. Authorities say that the chopper went down on Tuesday, but they weren’t able to track down the wreckage until Wednesday morning. They’re still trying to figure out the details. [6 ABC]

Rolen’s Gaffe Costs Reds. Former Phillie Scott Rolen made a costly error in the NLDS last night that allowed the Giants to stay alive with a 2-1 victory in 10 innings. Womp, womp. [MLB]