You Could Own Dorothy’s Dress

The famous Wizard of Oz costume is going up for auction next month

Wizard of Oz fans, brace yourselves. The famous dress that Judy Garland wore as Dorothy Gale in the 1939 film is going up for auction next month. Julien’s Auctions is auctioning off this treasured piece of film history during “Icons and Idols: Hollywood” on Nov. 9 and 10 in Beverly Hills. It’s one of the only complete costumes (original pinafore and blouse) known to exist, so it’ll likely nab some big bucks. In fact, Julien’s estimates the value to be between at least $400,000 and $600,000.

A little too rich for your blood? As many as 800 items from Hollywood’s Golden Era are being auctioned off, including Steve McQueen’s jeans, Bryn Mawr alum Katherine Hepburn’s jacket from Desk Set, one of Phyllis Diller’s signature mini-dresses, and the marriage certificate from Elizabeth Taylor’s Vegas wedding to Eddie Fisher (they wed less than four hours after his divorce was finalized from Debbie Reynolds). Taylor’s Golden Globe from Suddenly, Last Summer is also on the auction block, along with a gown she wore in A Place in the Sun.

Yep, it may just be the gayest auction yet.

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