Synchronize Your Watches for the Sandusky Sentencing

Judge John M. Cleland—the man presiding over the Jerry Sandusky trial—has been trying to crack down on live-tweeting during court proceedings. Last time around, some outlets sent tweets and reported information earlier than others, who were adhering to the judge’s rules. On Tuesday, though, journalists will have a much harder time getting the information out thanks to a digital clock at the front of the room. Judge Cleland intends to have everyone synchronize their watches like they’re part of a Mission: Impossible extraction team. If someone sends a tweet time-stamped before the A-OK is given, the floor will light up red and a team of highly trained professionals will descend the courtroom. Also, the floor is weight sensitive, so if a journalist lets a drop of sweat hit the floor, they’re all in big, BIG trouble. [Washington Post]