Fight Song Gets a Rewrite

College students want to see homophobic language given the heave-ho

Photo by Think Stock

“Good Ol’ Song” no more. At least that’s what students at University of Virginia decided recently when they asked that sports fans stop mocking the word “gay” in its fight song during big games. Outsports says the practice of inserting “not” in front of “gay” in the athletic anthem has been happening since the swinging ’70s. And while people have objected over the years, it’s not until very recently that the higher powers have actually heeded the complaints – the student council unanimously passed a resolution calling for an end to the practice.

“Even after all these years, what the phrase remains is pretty hurtful,” states an editorial in the school paper supporting the council’s decision. “It ostracizes students, embarrasses the school and is downright oppressive whether blared by hundreds or just a few. The expression is factually, morally and in all senses wrong; it’s been a burden for both the chanters and listeners.”

And while the editorial admits what’s on many peoples’ minds – yes, people should be allowed to express their ignorance – but the rewriting of the song to mock gays is not only in bad taste, but it’s factually incorrect given that a nearby Pride Festival happens every year.

No word on whether fans will support the council’s decision.