Philly’s GunStat Program Helps Track Gun Thugs

GunStat is a program in Philadelphia designed to take the most dangerous people off of Philly’s streets. It calls for the cooperation of a whole slew of city entities, including the D.A.’s office, Mayor Nutter’s office, Philly Police and more. The concept, though, is simple. Regionally focused assistant district attorneys work to identify violent offenders in two target areas—one in North Philly and one in Kensington. Those individuals tend to have long rap sheets and are affiliated with gangs. So, when they slip up and get arrested, the courts throw the book at them. Since the start of the program, jail time has been awarded to more criminals for possessing a firearm and the conviction rate on criminals charged with illegally possessing a gun has reached a staggering 98 percent. [Daily News]