Staunch Conservatives in Jersey Are Upset With Governor Christie

Staunch conservatives are upset with Governor Chris Christie over his State Strategic Plan, which some say is socialist and calls for the redistribution of wealth. Tea Party activists have asked for a meeting with Governor Christie on the issue, but he has yet to respond.

Developers and urban planning groups largely support the plan, but an organized group of conservatives has turned out against it. In New Jersey, tea-party critics have flooded town meetings such as the one in Toms River earlier this month. Speakers equated the state strategic plan with socialism and an effort to redistribute wealth. Some called it part of “Agenda 21,” a nonbinding U.N. resolution from 1992 that encourages conservation and strategic planning. The resolution has become a flash point for tea-party groups across the country, and the Republican Party added language against Agenda 21 to its convention platform. [Wall Street Journal]