Charles Barkley Wants Tiger Woods to Be Blacker

And by "blacker" he means "tougher."

Everyone’s favorite one-man Boyz II Men cover band, Charles Barkley, made an appearance on a Chicago-area sports talk radio show on Thursday to talk about recent comments that golfer Greg Norman made about Tiger Woods. Mainly, Norman said that Woods was intimidated by the No. 1 golfer in the world, phenom Rory McIlroy. Barkley thinks that Woods should be standing up for himself.

But like, you just can’t say anything about that kid you want to. I wish I could just put some of my blackness in him.

That means, like, hey man… toughness. And I’m not talking about that mental golf toughness. Like, hey man, you can’t just say anything to me.

Like, when I got arrested eight times for fighting, I was like dude, just cause I’m Charles Barkley you can’t disrespect me anyway, and I have slapped the hell out of fans before. Listen, I’m gonna respect the fans, and 90% of the fans are great, but you just can’t say anything to me anytime you want to. When a fan threw a drink on me, and I chased him through a bar. When I caught him, I rammed his damn head through the window. Know what I told the judge [when he asked if I regretted it?] I said I regret we were on the first damn floor. Are you kidding me? You can’t just throw no drink on me. [Crossing Broad]