California’s Governor Wants to Race Chris Christie

California Governor Jerry Brown wants to race New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie called the 74-year-old Democrat an “old retread” during his keynote address at the GOP convention last month. On Sunday, Governor Brown addressed Christie’s remarks by issuing a physical challenge.

“I’m old. I’m 74. I’ll be 74 and a half next month. But here I am. You know, there is some experience. Hopefully there’s some wisdom. So I got kind of warmed up and went on my speech and I said, ‘OK, Christie, I challenge you to a three-mile race. Try some chin-ups maybe, and some push-ups.’”

If it’s a physical challenge he wants, someone should get Marc Summers on the line immediately and set this thing up, if only because Chris Christie riding a tricycle would be the funniest thing to happen in the history of the world. But, Governor Christie should be careful because there isn’t a moment as terrifying as the one when you realize that you underestimated someone’s old-man strength. [L.A. Times]