What We Love: Red, White & Raw

A new collection of Kathy Griffin's standup is out next month - just in time for the holidays

One hilarious woman and two DVDs. Starting Oct. 30, The Kathy Griffin Collection: Red, White & Raw will be available as the perfect stuffer (for the stocking, that is) this holiday season. Not only has the funny girl won two Emmy’s and been nominated for Grammy’s (three times, she’s quick to remind us) but she’s been capturing our hearts with her spot-on take of celebs and ongoing support of LGBT fans.

The new collection includes a few of our favorite shows, like “Pants Off” and “Tired Hooker,” as well as five shows never before available on DVD – “Gurrl Down,” “50 & Not Pregnant,” “Whores on Crutches,” “Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt” and “Balls of Steel.”

Yep, that’s a lot of Kathy.

But as the so-called queen of Hollywood gossip and purveyor of uproarious tales involving herself, her wine-swilling mother Maggie and oh-so very dirty laundry list of infamous celebrities, she never ceases to make us laugh. How else can we be expected to get through this election season anyway?

In addition to the rants about everything Lohan and Kardashian (there are some very memorable moments included from the live shows), the DVD set features unaired bonus footage. If it’s half as good as her standup, count us in. We can only hope at least some of it involves her good friend Cher (Griffin is one of a mere 10 “twatters” – Griffin’s term, not ours – the diva follows on Twitter).

Here’s Griffin’s story about ordering pizza … at Cher’s house from”Tired Hooker” (definitely NSFW):