Is Ed Rendell Preparing To Challenge Tom Corbett?

Oh, Ed Rendell: How can we miss you if you never, ever, ever leave? The former governor appeared on NPR Sunday morning with the mission of talking about the Democratic National Convention—but ended up discussing his own political future instead. “The toughest thing for me is I’ve run things for so long,” Rendell said. “I’ve been a chief executive in politics for about 33, 34 years. And now I’m enjoying my life but I don’t feel like I’m running anything or really doing any substantive to get things done, to get people to work, to improve our kids’ educations. So, after doing what I’ve done for so long, it’s hard and you do miss it.” Those comments might seem like the wistful musings of a semi-retiree, but the writers at the Commonwealth Confidential take it as a sign Rendell is considering a comeback against Gov. Tom Corbett. “Some wondered if he wasn’t barred from a third term by the constitution. But the constitution only stipulates that a sitting executive may not hold office for more than two consecutive terms,” writer Amy Worden notes. “Which means Rendell could in fact run for governor, or mayor of Philadelphia.” [NPR]