Donovan McNabb About to Start Disappointing TV Career

After more than a decade of driving Philadelphia fans to distraction by not quite getting over the hump, Super Bowl-wise, quarterback Donovan McNabb is apparently hanging up his cleats and getting ready to start a career in TV broadcasting—where, no doubt, he will offer good-but-not-great NFL analysis, year after year, only to find himself nervous and vomiting when asked to make the move to prime time. After leaving the Eagles in 2009, McNabb had two short, unsuccessful stints in Washington and Minnesota: Nobody appears to be offering him a job under center for the 2012 season. He may not have to wait long to see a familiar face in the broadcast booth—Andy Reid’s job doesn’t appear to be all that safe, after all. The big question, though, is this: Will McNabb retire as an Eagle? [Philadelphia Inquirer]