Ronald Reagan Hologram Almost Appeared At GOP Convention

You kids are probably too young to remember Ron Headrest, the Max Headroom-like virtual version of President Ronald Reagan that existed only in Doonesbury cartoons back during the 1980s. But the technology is closer to real: Yahoo News reports that a Ronald Reagan hologram very nearly made an appearance at this week’s Republican National Convention—courtesy of the same guys who brought you the Tupac hologram at Coachella. But Mitt Romney’s representatives put the kibosh on that idea, apparently worrying it would overshadow their candidate. “At the time he hadn’t chosen Paul Ryan, so I think they were a little worried about his energy,” hologram creator Tony Reynolds said. “Even in a hologram form I think Reagan’s going to beat a lot of people in terms of communicating.” Hopefully, however, we’re one day closer to the moment that Reagan and Tupac duet on “California Love.” [Yahoo News]