Angry Mayor Nutter Speaks at Funeral of Murdered Officer

On Monday morning, Mayor Nutter, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Police officers and others totaling in the hundreds gathered to lay Officer Moses Walker Jr. to rest. Mayor Nutter addressed the crowd and expressed his anger at the crime and the insanity of the culture that breeds this type of violence.

“I’m angry, I’m very angry that someone would kill Moses Walker – very angry about that,” Nutter said.

“I am sick of the ignorance, sick of the violence, sick of the death . . . ” he said.

He called on the young people hearing his voice to “let the word go out: Stop this violence, stop these killings, stop this insanity.”

“Let us all rededicate our lives to peace and let Moses Walker – as Moses would lead the way – show us how to live our lives in peace, in truth, in love,” the mayor said. []