What We Love: Rainbow Vote

A new line of tees from HRC encourages the LGBT community to get out the vote

The election this November has the potential to either advance or push back LGBT rights in this country. That’s why the HRC would like to remind everyone to get out the vote with a new line of rainbow tees. Not only do proceeds from these fashion-forward shirts benefit HRC’s fight for equality, but by sporting the colorful message, you’ll be reminding everyone to get to the polls on November 6.

The shirts are even Democrat and Republican-friendly with some showing two donkeys and others with two elephants. Still other designs are party-free, opting instead to emphasize one very important word: Vote.

Here in Pennsylvania, the election is critical. As voter IDs have become a major issue, with an estimated 750,000 voters who may be turned away at the polls (most Democrat) for a lack of sufficient identification, it’s up to those of us who do have the proper info to do our civic duty.

Not only will Pennsylvanians be voting for president (will it be Obama or Romney?), but we’ll also be choosing the next legislators who have the power to enact laws that can either help or hinder the LGBT community.

Click here to find out your polling place.