A Politician’s Guide to Merriam-Webster’s New 2012 Word Entries

Joe Biden looks gassed.

When you order a “skim milk” latte at Starbucks, you have Shakespeare to thank. That’s right, he’s the one who first penned the word “skim milk.” He also gave us “swagger,” “zany,” and “gossip.” If Shakespeare were alive and “tweeting” in 2011, he might have had a few 140-character sonnets that included “helicopter parents,” “bromances,” and “duathlons” (those are three-part races, go figure). Those were Merriam-Webster’s new additions last year.

On Tuesday, the dictionary institution announced its new entries for 2012. In case you don’t know how to use them, we’re providing you with some “aha moments” (yes, that’s one).

Rick Perry had quite the “brain cramp” during this Republican primary debate.

George W. Bush said the jury was out on evolution. So he probably doesn’t believe in “copernicium” (a new chemical element)—a mere scientific finding.
Joe Biden appeared “gassed” while Obama talked about our nation’s debt. Somebody should’ve hooked him up with an “energy drink.”

Mitt Romney’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” isn’t likely to be an “earworm.”

You might enjoy this “mash-up,” though.

John McCain was looking for a “game changer” when he chose Sarah Palin. Well, the maverick changed the game all right.

Did Hillary Clinton have a few too many “craft beers” in Cartagena?

And … there’s the “f-bomb.”

… and again.