How to Crip Walk Like Serena Williams

Teletubbies and drunk Australian girls show the way.

If you had to ask, “What is a Crip walk?” when you heard about the controversy over the little seconds-long dance that Serena Williams did on Saturday after winning the gold at the London Olympics, you are not alone. Williams responded to questions about her moves by saying, “It’s just a dance we do in California.” But there’s a lot more to the Crip walk than that.

The Crip walk, or C-walk, dates back to the 1970s and finds its origins in the notorious Crips gang—as in the Bloods vs. the Crips—hence the controversy. It has been said that MTV once banned music videos featuring the Crip walk, but as with most things that MTV banned over the years, that didn’t stop people from liking them.

It turns out that Serena Williams isn’t the only person outside of gangland who likes to get her Crip walk on once in a while, as evidenced by the videos below. Note that some of the accompanying soundtracks contain language that may be NSFW.

A Teletubby does the Crip walk.


The Crip walk, done on fingers.


Person in furry Elmo suit does the Crip walk.


Some people attribute the Crip walk to Charlie Chaplin.


Others say Pinocchio started the Crip walk.


People do the Crip walk while armed Star Wars Stormtroopers look on.


Serbians do the Crip walk, one wearing a walrus mask.


Ukrainian guys do the Crip walk.


Drunk Australian girls do the Crip walk.


Vietnamese Pokemon fans do the Crip walk.


The Crip walk in front of the Eiffel tower.


A “crazy preacher” does the Crip walk.