Cops Arrest Man for Carrying an AK-47 on the Subway

Plus: A consultant says Philly needs to close up to 57 schools, Shane Victorino says "Mahalo," the city explains all the water main breaks, and more of what Philly is talking about today.

Guy With AK-47 on the Subway. Police arrested a man who was allegedly riding the Broad Street Line at rush hour, armed with an AK-47, 40 rounds of live ammo, a .38 revolver, and a foot-long bayonet knife. He also supposedly had $700 in cash, marijuana and Percocet on him at the time of his arrest. [CBS 3]

Philly Needs to Close Up to 57 Schools. A global management firm released a 118-page report on Thursday, detailing its recommendations for the Philadelphia School District. The suggestions include closing between 29 and 57 schools, being more selective with charter school growth, and radically changing the next teachers’ contract. [Inquirer]

Why All the Water Main Breaks? Philly’s now seen three water main breaks in less than two weeks. The Water Department’s deputy commissioner for operations says that the pace of the breaks hasn’t picked up significantly and that it’s a combination of wear and hot weather that’s affecting the city’s water system. [Daily News]

Shane Victorino Says “Mahalo.” The outfielder—now a Los Angeles Dodger—took out a full-page ad in Thursday’s Daily News to thank the city and Phillies fans for great memories. [Daily News]

Kids Find a Body. Two boys—10 and 13 respectively—found a decomposing body in the woods near Darby Creek. One of them was not a fat Jerry O’Connell who was afraid to admit finding the body because Kiefer Sutherland threatened him. Two for flinching. [Daily News]

Phils Win Again. Now that the team has shipped Victorino and Pence to the West Coast, it appears as though there’s some fight left in the Phils. Last night, a pair of homers from Jimmy Rollins—and one from newbie Nate Schierholtz—helped the good guys to their second straight victory in Washington. [Phillies]