Bradley Cooper Hikes Up His Underwear and Contorts His Face in Elephant Man

According to the Women of Edit here at Philly Mag/The Philly Post, Bradley Cooper has long been considered what many would call a “dreamboat.” Though, some may be reconsidering that descriptor after gawking at some pictures of the Jenkintown native in his recent role in The Elephant Man. A shirtless Cooper hikes up his underwear and contorts his face during his portrayal of Joseph Merrick. A quick poll of the female staffers showed that all but one of those who responded are turned off by the pictures of Cooper in his latest role.

“It’s really the high-waisted pants that are the biggest turnoff. Awkward face contortion, sure. Grandpa pants, nope!”

“Holy Quasimodo.”

“Definite [turnoff].”

“Ew. Weird”

“My issue is that sometimes when I look at him I can imagine exactly what he looked like at age five and it creeps me out. I feel the same way about Daniel Craig.”

But, alas! At least one editor says that the pictures don’t turn her off of Bradley Cooper.

“Um, no, it does not. My plans to marry him are fully intact.”

Luckily for her, Mr. Cooper still technically owes all of the female staffers here a steamy make out sesh. Looks like only one will be cashing in.