Wanted: Gay Male Couples

Rutgers Camden is looking for a few good men for a new study

Photo by Think Stock

In May, President Obama came out in support of gay marriage. And while it’s a big step for the LGBT community, not everyone is quite so supportive (remember that recent legislation in North Carolina?). That’s why the Healthy Development Lab at Rutgers University in Camden has been studying diversity in adult relationships for nearly a decade now.

For the most recent study, the university is seeking gay male couples to better understand how men’s same-sex partners influence their health, especially their eating behaviors.

Very little research, says Rutgers, has examined men and their same-sex partners in relation to health, nutrition and well being. The study lasts two hours – and couples get paid $100.

“Participants in our research routinely say that the experience is fun, interesting and provides an opportunity to learn more about their partners,” says Hanna Garrity, a spokesperson for the study.

If you or a gay male couple you know are interested, click here to apply for the study. Or email the lab directly: RUHealthyLab@gmail.com