Paterno Family Wants Emails Released to the Public

Plus: Christie wants Romney to open up, Occupiers screwed up your commute, firefighters get raises, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Paternos Want Emails Released. The Paterno family has announced that it wants all of the emails and records pertaining to the 2001 shower incident released to the public. Over the weekend, some excerpts of the emails were release and indirectly suggest that Joe Paterno had a conversation with a PSU official that convinced the official not to go ahead with the plan to report Jerry Sandusky. [USA Today]

Christie Wants Romney to Open Up. In an interview that will air on Nightline on Tuesday night, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks about his role in the veepstakes and how Mitt Romney should (and will) open up to the American people as the campaign progresses. [ABC News]

Holiday Named to Select Team. Sixers guard Jrue Holiday has been named to the U.S. Select Team. The U.S. Select Team is the group of guys who are basically like henchmen in a super-hero movie starring the actual Olympic team. They’ll probably end up wearing pinnies and getting posterized for the duration of practices. [Inquirer]

Your Commute Was Occupied. A little after 6 p.m. on Monday, Occupy protesters—and presumably some of their children—screwed up everyone’s evening by blocking traffic on Market Street between 18th and 19th. Eventually they marched down Market Street and around City Hall before continuing toward the river.

Firefighters Win Raises. Arbitrators let most of an award from October 2010—which granted city firefighters three years of three-percent raises—stand. The decision will likely cost the city approximately $66 million over the four years it covers. [Inquirer]

SRC to Borrow $500 Million. The School Reform Commission is set to borrow $500 million using short-term notes. The move won’t help the district fix the $218 million spending gap it faces this year. [Inquirer]