That’s So Gay: Oreo

The Nabisco/Kraft-owned cookie company shows its pride

In honor of Oreo‘s centennial celebration, the company released a prideful image that has people talking. While we love the multilayered rainbow twist on the famous stacked biscuit, not everyone is singing the cookie company’s praises. Facebook “fans” took to the Oreo page to wage their complaints with threats to boycott the company. “I hate gays, so no Oreos for me,” wrote one angry commenter.

Others – many, many others, in fact – shared their support out loud and proud. “Thank you, Oreo, for supporting the gay community, even though cookies are empty calories I will buy a pack today,” wrote a Facebook fan.

The campaign, while mindful of the Pride celebrations this month, is all part of a series of 100 current event promotions. This one was released on the company’s page and social media as of last night (a day late, sadly, of many of the country’s biggest Pride celebration).

But that’s not stopping a few eager cookie monsters from launching a campaign to make this sweet rainbow Oreo a reality. “It’s important for so many reasons, with the main two being (1) gays deserve equal rights and (2) it looks delicious,” the petition says. “Please sign this and tell Nabisco that you want to see the seven-layer ‘Gay Oreo’ on store shelves soon!”

We’re just bracing for the “Double Stuff” jokes.