Governor Christie Compares Democrats to Vampires

Somebody may have seen Twilight one time too many. At a town hall event in Cedar Grove, New Jersey on Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie compared lawmakers considering making a tax cut contingent on revenue numbers to vampires.

“Two and a half years into my term you thought the Corzine Democrats were dead. Well they’re back. We thought we’d taken a wooden stake and put it through this type of Democrat’s heart.”

This comes just a few days after the world learned that Rick Santorum’s unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination helped to inspire the True Blood showrunner to develop the storyline for Christopher Meloni. With all of these vampire references, it’s important to note that vampires are, like, so 2009. As we all prepare to fend off swarms of undead in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, Christie obviously meant to say was that he thought that they’d double-tapped that type of Democrat. []